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VNIIINSTRUMENT Background Information

The Russian Research and Development Tooling Institute VNIIINSTRUMENT, founded in 1943, is the leading institution of the tooling industry in Russia. It develops integrated technologies for metal and wood processing, designs and sells all kinds of tools and general-service machines. It also ensures their performance and undertakes service and maintenance of the tools and machines.

VNIIINSTRUMENT designs and manufactures the following products:

  • metal-cutting tools and cutter plates (made of chisel steel, high-speed steel, hard alloy, ceramic, CNB, synthetic diamond and natural diamond; these tools and plates might also have CVD or PVD wear-resistant covers); turning, shaper-cutting and internal boring tools, including those for difficult materials; twist drills with throwaway tips, reamers, multiflute drills, counterboring tools, gear-cutting, thread-cutting and thread-rolling tools (thread chasers, tapping tools, tapping heads, thread-milling cutters, thread rollers etc.); broach tools, belt-saws and disc saws, special tools for various applications, including tools for railway wheelsets and railings; abrasive disks made of CNB and synthetic diamond, grinding wheels and their segments, grinding sticks, emery paper and products made of it; fibre and adhesive disks, honing stones;
  • tools for cutting non-metallic materials (these tools are made of chisel steel, high-speed steel, hard alloy, CNB, synthetic or natural diamond); milling tools, drills, disc and band saws, special tools, tool sets; electric and pneumatic tools (drills, pistols, screwdrivers etc.) wire brushes (disc, flange, frontal and other kind of brushes)
  • bench-work and installation tools (chucking tools, turn-screws, hammers, screwdrivers etc, including sets of the above tools)
  • measure tools (rulers, slide gages, micrometer gages, length indicators, inclinometers, clearance gauges, special table devices to measure and adjust cutting tools); machine accessories (clutches, tables, lathe chucks etc)
  • cooling lubricants, metal-cutting and polishing machines, power and hydraulic press arrangements, including those with numeric programme control.

VNIIINSTRUMENT carries out research and development work to design high-performance tools and determine areas of their effective application. It sets the standards, develops technical documentation and monitors work of the Technical Committee on Standards TK-95 Instrument. VNIIINSTRUMENT has developed all basic national and industrial standards for wood-cutting, metal-cutting, bench-work and installation tools.

VNIIINSTRUMENT also offers its customers tools and machines produced abroad. The customers of VNIIINSTRUMENT therefore dont have to spend their precious time and effort in search of international providers as the institute has established close and long-term cooperation with foreign tool manufacturers. Thus, it can ensure short-term delivery of high-quality tools for reasonable prices.

VNIIINSTRUMENT , is under the administrative control of the State. The Institute has a Certification Centre which is engaged in certification, quality control and technical examination of tools and accessories. This integrated approach allows significant cost and time cuts for the customers. They need to deal with only one provider instead of many since VNIIINSTRUMENT can meet all the demands for various kinds of tools.

Technologies for metal and wood processing/cutting + all kinds of tools >integrated approach, ready to operate product

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