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    Turning tools.

    There is a range of turning tools of standard sizes with replaceable inserts for metal cutting (mechanical fixation of inserts). The inserts are made of hard alloys, ceramic, superhard materials and are used for all kinds of surfaces, as well as for inside turning of engineering materials and special alloys.

    Milling tools.

    Carbide milling tools and tools made of high-speed steels, solid or assembled, with mechanical fixations. These tools are used for various materials. The range includes end milling cutters 012 to 100 mm, face and side milling cutters 0100 to 250 mm of calibre 13 to 32 mm, assembled slitting saws to 050 mm of calibre up to 2 mm, assembled face-milling cutters 080 to 315 mm including cutters for light alloys.

    Carbide blank parts for high-performance and reliable tools, produced by Konrad Friedrichs GmbH & Co.KG. Read more...

    High-performance cutting tools made of ceramic and superhard materials based on diamond and CBN.

    The following products are offered: cutter plates, chisels, cutters and head sections for hardened steels including grey cast iron of any hardness, hard alloys, parts wear-resistant coating, laser surface coating), plasma-jet hard-facing or gas-torch surfacing. The processing/cutting time is reduced by a factor of ten. Besides, the aforementioned products are used for preliminary and final processing of materials instead of traditional polishing which also gives a much better surface quality.

    Hole-making tools.

    Borers for deep (up to 25 diameters) boring of holes 02,0 to 3,0 mm; carbide multiflute drills for specific holes; borers 016 to 63 mm with coolant holes and replaceable cutting inserts; single-cutting drills 012 to 60 mm with replaceable cutting carbide inserts for holes in cylinder blocks and cylinder heads of engines. There are also various tools for cutting threads according to GOST, ISO, ANSI and DIN.

    Wood-cutting tools.

    We offer assembled cutters with diameter 100 to 700 mm (with replaceable inserts or brazed carbide plates). They are used for cutting various parts of constructions, window blocks, parts of furniture, panel doors, shaped bars as well as for butt-end reducing and making rail posts. End-milling cutters of diameter L 50 mm made of instrumental steel and hard alloys are also available.

    Toolset for machines with programmed numeric control.

    The toolset is used for high-performance turning, milling, boring and counterboring. The set includes tool holders with stems with the taper angle of 7:24 (ISO), turning sets, lengtheners with parallel shank (DIN) and reduction unit as well as single and double-blade heads used for various operations. This toolset reduces use of separate cutting tools and accessories.

    Bench-work and installation tools.

    The Institute designs and delivers various kinds of certified bench-work and installation tools such as gripping tongs, turn-screws of all types (span size from 6 to 55 mm), bench screws, screwdrivers and hammers, toolsets for electrical and plumbing works etc.

    Technology for manufacturing tools with wear-resistant coatings
    including diamond-like coating.

    Its an environment friendly technology for thermal treatment of tools and other products made of high-speed chisel and machine steels in vacuum compression chamber for hardening and drawing. The outcome is a high-quality product with minimal deformation, clear surfaces and very low deviation of hardness from the pre-set parameters.

    Technology for strengthening tools.

    Its a technology for strengthening tools (made of high-speed and chisel steels) by hydroborating which improves the performance characteristics by a factor of 1.5 2. We also offer the technology for brazing tools made of hard alloys, high-speed steels and synthetic superhard materials.

    Tel. : (495) 366-94-11, -mail:

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