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Standardization and Certification

Standardization and Certification

VNIIINSTRUMENT has made a significant contribution to development of State Standards (GOST) for all main types of tools.

Branch standards for cutting tools were formed and developed by the Institute.

Introduction of parametric standards for tools has also become a major success.

VNIIINSTRUMENT is a leading institution in the branch of tooling. It has accumulated considerable experience in the field of classification and encryption of technical and economical data. This knowledge allowed development of the branch section of the National Product Classification System (OKP, class 39).

The Institute is continuously developing new types of advanced tools for cutting metal and wood.

The Technical Committee on Standards, TK- 95 “Instrument”, based at the Institute, includes 8 subdivisions.

The Certification Centre of Public Corporation “VNIIINSTRUMENT” provides certification for the following types of tools:

  • metal-cutting tools
  • wood-cutting tools
  • installation and bench-work tools
  • tools applied in machine building

The Centre also issues:

  • obligatory certificates of conformity with GOST and GOST R for national products (including products for export)
  • obligatory certificates of conformity with National Standards of Safety for imported products
  • voluntary certificates for national and imported products

The Centre also carries out certification tests within GOST R system for obligatory and voluntary certification.
The Institute also has a Test Operations Centre “VNIIINSTRUMENT” which has received certifications in Competency and Independency. Another Institute based establishment, OS “INSTRUMENT”, is accredited to certify metal-cutting, wood-processing, bench-working and installation tools.  


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