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General Director of Public Corporation “VNIIINSTRUMENT”

Borovsky Georgy Vladislavovich

Borovsky Georgy Vladislavovich was born on 12 June 1947 in Warsaw to a Soviet Army man. In 1970, he graduated from the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman and in 1976 received a Doctorate in Engineering.

From 1970 to 1972 he served as an officer in the Soviet Army. Georgy Vladislavovich has been working at the “VNIIINSTRUMENT” since 1972. He is engaged in both scientific research and practical work aimed to create and introduce new methods of metal processing and high performance tools. Georgy Vladislavovich is the author and a co-author of 21 inventions and over 150 published articles including 4 monographs. He received 8 awards at the Exhibition of the National Economy Achievements (VDNKh). By the Presidential Decree ¹ 21 dated 21.10.1993, Georgy Vladislavovich was given the title of the “Honoured Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation” and in 2005 he was conferred a decoration of Saint Daniel of Moscow.

Georgy Vladislavovich is married and has two children.

The largest customers of the Institute are Public Corporation “Avtovaz”, Space and Missile Production Plant named after M.V. Khrunichev and Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Machine Building Production Plant “SALUT”.

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Borovsky Georgy Vladislavovich:

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